Successful Forex Traders Stories

Successful forex traders stories always begin with “The one who doesn’t follow the system, becomes the one to fail”. And here we have a perfect illustration of the “one who doesn’t follow the system” failing to follow the system. The system is the trading strategy for winning the markets. There is only one system and that is the best system. Failure to learn from history’s mistakes, is the greatest form of failure. Any system that relies on predictability, is subject to the same errors that have proven to be the downfall of previous systems.

In the event you have not been paying attention, you have been failed. You have failed to learn from history’s mistakes. The system is the one who should have known better than to rely on historical performance. Any other system is simply not practical within the current political and economic climate. So with that said, let me ask you a question that may not seem like the best solution. Have you ever wondered who was the last trader to fall ill and why?

If so, you may have just found the perfect candidate. This is a short question but if you have not yet found out the answer, it certainly may be the best one. If you haven’t yet found out the answer, you certainly won’t have a clue what to do with it. I’m talking about the next “mistake” in the system. If you haven’t yet found out the answer to this question, you definitely won’t have a mistake. As luck would have it, I have recently completed a book tour of duty in Iraq and the process of reviewing the book was quite enjoyable.

I looked forward to every bit of it. I even wrote a foreword by one of the authors. The book cover and the foreword written by the author share a lot in common. The commonality between the two however, is the foreword written by a former military man. This foreword will shock and offend many readers and I am not trying to convince anyone of the merits of the system I am about to reveal. On the contrary, I will tear into every aspect of it.

I will discuss tactics, strategy, tactics, strategy, I will even go so far as to say the entire book could be viewed as my personal PDA. I will not attempt to review the entire book but rather will focus on a few key points. Points of Interest: 1. The Basics: What is a PDA? 2. How to Use It: How to Use and What to Do With It 3.

The Culture Shock: Shock Value and the Importance of Being PdAs 4. The Art of the Catch: Capturing Profits with Profits (Part 1) 5. The Art of the Catch: Capturing Profits with Profits (Part 2) 6. The Art of the Catch: Liquidity and Profit with Profits So what did I learn from this experience? While there are many things that could have possibly gone wrong, I learned two things. One, being around the military and political situations, especially Iraq, can teach you a lot.