Forex Account

Forex account(s) must be opened within 6 months prior to the start of the fiscal year. If the account is dormant for any period of months, the investor is considered to be “in the market.” Short selling is prohibited. The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) issued a press release on August 31, 2013, regarding the “SEC Enforcement Program.” The press release noted that “from July 1, 2013, to the present, the SEC has issued approximately $7.5 billion in fines and penalties against scalpers and against those engaging in unsolicited prearranged trades.” It further noted that “due to the high volume of business generated by the Forex market, the SEC has had to impose certain controls and fees in order to discourage unsolicited prearranged trades.”

The SEC further noted that “these fees and controls may be achieved through a variety of means, including technical and verbal signals, but clearly, no simple technology or skill can be solely relied on to make the difference between successful and unsuccessful transactions.” In light of the above, it seems that the only way to truly guarantee success in the Forex market is to open an online trading account and slowly build up your personal liquidity. This is what online trading is all about. The biggest and the best Forex brokers are offering online trading platforms today that are very similar in look and feel to those found on the stock exchange. The major difference being the size of the spread. The major exchange traded currency pairs like US Dollar/Euro, Canadian Dollar/US Dollar, Australian Dollar/US Dollar, and New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar.

Each of these currencies has a notable uptrend and downtrends. For instance, the current uptrend in the US Dollar is primarily based on the uptrend in the AUD/USD. The current downtrend in the AUD/USD is primarily due to the AUD/USD. The major exchange traded currency pairs like EUR/USD, JPY/USD, CAD/USD, SGD/USD, CNY/USD, USD/JPY, and CAD/CAD are also known as Euro exchanges. The major exchanges are located at the eastern seaboard United States. Most of the foreign exchange transactions are conducted online.

Most of the traders are located at the western seaboard Canada. Due to this geographical proximity, investors can catch the majority of the world’s financial and economic news in one place. It is one of the most remarkable characteristics of the online trading environment is the constant fluctuation in currency rates. During recessionary times like these, more USD is usually exchanged for equal or more EUR/USD. During economic times like these, more USD equals equal or less EUR. You can truly get “pop” in currency exchange game.

I have lived on average of approximately 02 USD/EUR for approximately 12 months now. During economic expansion, I have averaged approximately 1.25 USD/EUR. During recession, I have averaged approximately 0.75 USD/EUR. Average is a rough estimate; your actual may be different. Daily conversions average .75 EUR/USD.